Summer 2015 – Week 9


Day 55 – DiDi and Pop camp! Wild man stayed back in SC for a few days while I finished up the summer semester.


Day 56 – Teaching Jacksey just how yummy cheerios are


Day 57 – Reunited with Mommy! Maybe not his favorite part of the day, but it was certainly mine!


Day 58 – So many favorite things. Small chairs, remotes, and books.


Day 59 – Hanging out Aunt AJ style. So many buttons, so little time.

IMG_3930   IMG_3935

Day 60 – Cade’s very own truck from Nana. Cade couldn’t even wait until it was put together. So much vroom vroom and go go go go.


Day 61 – After a huge parenting fail (see the bruise on his face?) a giant grilled cheese can fix just about anything.




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