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This week marks the last week of school and we are so excited to start our summer! I’m soaking in the last few days of getting work done before Cade is home full time and I get to enjoy my days hanging out with him. My absolute favorite thing that Cade is doing right now is how he says his prayers at night. He requests to say “Amen”and proceeds to list an array of things that he is thankful for. He always includes at least one friend’s name and it’s the sweetest thing ever. And then every once and a while, he throws in things like “thank you my teeth” “thank you my hotdogs.” Also notable for this stage of life is that Cade has picked up these two phrases: “I don’t like that” and “I don’t want to.” Yikes. Here’s a look at what Cade’s been up to the last few months.


Spending time with friends – We’ve had so many great play dates! This shot is from one of my favorites, because it’s the first time he met Baby Natalie. Cade is truly the sweetest around babies. Two of his best friends (Ryan and Ella) have new baby sisters. Anytime we are going to see one of those friends, Cade immediately asks to hold the baby and states that he needs to wash his hands 🙂 He will smile and say “baby is cute.” Melt.


Working in the garden – Cade LOVES to help in the garden. He’s pretty good about not stepping on the plants and his favorite thing is to look for worms. Of course, we he finds one he wants me to pick it up. I’m not the biggest fan, but he gets so excited that I oblige.

IMG_5910 IMG_5926

IMG_5908 IMG_5931

Road trip to Alabama – Cade went to visit his buddies Andrew, Archer, Alden, and Colt back in March. He had a blast playing with buddies and I loved getting to catch up with good friends. At the top of his list was the train at the zoo 🙂


IMG_6032  IMG_6038

First Easter egg hunt – This was one of those events that I built up in my head and it ended up being hysterical. Cade was not remotely interested. He picked up about two eggs and then wanted to play on the playground. Oh well! On the way home we stopped at Touch a Truck in Decatur, which was awesome! Cade got to sit in lot of his favorite vehicles 🙂

IMG_6070  IMG_6073


Daniel Tiger Live – Another event that I built up in my head, but this time it was awesome! Cade LOVES Daniel Tiger so Heather (Ryan’s mom) and I made plans to take the boys. The boys were so into it. It was worth every penny watching their sweet faces!


Dragon’s Love Tacos Family Night – We try and have family night once a week. We typically plan a fun activity that we can all do together and try to be very intentional with each other. Dragon’s love tacos night has been my favorite so far! We read the book, made tacos, and Cade and Trey colored dragon pictures. It was SO FUN!

IMG_6190 IMG_6226

IMG_6225 IMG_6196

Strawberry Picking – We went strawberry picking with Preston, Hudson, Stacey, Amy and AJ. And by picking, I mean I chased Cade as he shoved strawberries in his mouth 🙂 Since you aren’t supposed to eat them, I took his shirt off in hopes that it wouldn’t be quite so obvious. It didn’t work.

FullSizeRender-2 IMG_6384

Trip to Didi and Pop’s complete with his first real tractor ride – Cade LOVES tractors. And he loves to talk about “Uncle Rob and his tractor.” As we were building up to go ride with Uncle Rob, Cade kept saying that he wanted to ride the small tractor. I had a feeling that this meant he was going to be scared…and of course he was. BUT after the first five minutes of saying ” I want to get out” he loved it and couldn’t get enough. The next few days he talked nonstop about “planting beans with Uncle Rob”


Peachtree-Dekalb airshow – Cade got to go to the PDK airshow with Trey, Gigi and G-pa. He had a blast looking at all of the planes and helicopters!


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