Cade is Two!


This sweet guy is two years old.

At two, Cade is such a sweet little guy who is always on the go. Β To celebrate his 2nd birthday, we told him we were having a train party, so if you ask him how old he is, he says “two” followed promptly by “choo choo.” Here are some things we want to remember about this season of life with this sweet guy.

  1. He has some really big feelings about a lot of things and is truly passionate about all forms of transportation πŸ™‚ If it has wheels or wings, he is all about it.
  2. He eats anything and everything, but he has decided that the word “snack” means processed carbs. Don’t disappoint by giving him carrot sticks at snack time πŸ™‚
  3. After his bath, his new favorite activity is running around naked with his towel on his head yelling “superman!”
  4. We’ve recently acquired an interest in the potty and he loves to sit on it. He even knows that if he goes in it he gets chocolate. Recently we were in the store and he saw chocolate. “Cade go pee pee pot pot get choc choc.” Yeah, I guess we will be potty training soon if he can put that together πŸ™‚
  5. His language has truly exploded and he’s very good at getting his point across. Most of his choice conversation topics include discussion automobiles, the park, and food. Priorities.
  6. His overgeneralization of language is hysterical. He calls the front yard, the front seat. He has an alarm clock that turns green when he can wake up, so all green lights are green clocks πŸ™‚
  7. He will pick up objects and say “purple dinosaur” or “blue train,” but if you ask him what color something is, he always says green. Always. I’m thinking green must just be his favorite color.
  8. He is very good at referring to himself in 3rd person. Typically a request will start as “I need more …” and will quickly shift to “Cade needs more…” if he isn’t seeing immediate results from his request. He even likes to refer to Trey and I as “Cade’s ma and Cade’s Dad.” Yep, he still calls me Ma.
  9. Cade loves ice cream (he is my child after all) and associates Aunt AJ with ice cream even when she’s not around. In Kroger he will spot it and say “ice cream Cade go ice cream AJ.”
  10. He loves to facetime with his grandparents and he doesn’t understand why he can’t see people in the phone all the time.
  11. He lives to be outside and is getting really good at helping mommy with yard work. I’m taking full advantage of his free labor until I have to start dishing out quarters for full buckets of pine cones πŸ™‚
  12. He loves to read and is getting away from board books and into true stories. Currently his favorite books are the pigeon books, curious george, and click clack moo.
  13. He still loves to gather his people and is starting to ask for his friends particularly when we are going to the park.
  14. The boy loves Waffle House. A few weeks ago, he looked at Trey and I and said “Cade go Waf House.” Trey and I died laughing that his first request to go somewhere (other than outside) was to go to waffle house.
  15. He is very interested in babies and will ask to hold them “Cade turn hold baby.” He will hold one and just smile and giggle and say “baby cute.” Too cute. Melts my heart.
  16. For two, he really is great at following directions and listening to what we ask him to do. I think he may be a people pleaser like his parents.
  17. He’s working on sharing and is pretty good about taking turns; however, he thinks that when he gives someone else a turn, this really means that they hold it for two seconds. He will pass it off and say “Cade’s turn again.” Working on that one.
  18. He LOVES school. Sometimes when I ask him about playing with his friends or what he did that day, he will say “Cole” for his teacher, Nicole.
  19. We turned his car seat around to face the front a few weeks ago and it’s opened up his world in the car. We spend the entire drive looking for school buses, garbage trucks, cement mixers, and excavators. He will yell when he sees one in excitement.
  20. He loves to watch the garbage trucks on Tuesday mornings, often jumping up from breakfast to run to the front door. If you ask him what day of the week the garbage truck comes, he will say Tuesday.
  21. He will count if you ask him (not in order, which is funny) and the way he says seven is absolutely adorable.
  22. He has started saying “love you” back to us at night. Melt.
  23. One night a few weeks ago he wanted to snuggle before bed and he looked at a piece of art in his room that has a sunshine on it and he asked me to sing “sunshine” (you are my sunshine) Double melt.

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