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This wild man is 2.5 years old! He is always on the go, super silly, and incredibly sweet. He’s still in love with anything that has wheels and will play for hours with his trains. Β He loves to throw balls in the house and jump off the furniture, so we’re getting a taste of what it’s like to have a very energetic boy. He still loves to read and will spends the majority of his time in the car reading his Richard Scary books. He also is passionate about having his window down lately. He’s been sleeping in a “big boy bed” in his new airplane room since May and he did great with the transition! He’s only fallen out once and doesn’t seem to have considered the idea of getting out of this bed when he isn’t supposed to. Let’s hope he doesn’t figure that out anytime soon πŸ™‚

This summer I did my best to write down come of the funny things that Cade said. Here’s a sampling –

  1. One day while swimming I asked Cade if he’d pooped in the pool. His response was “not yet.”
  2. While sticking a train down my shirt he said “Mommy, I put my train in your purse.”
  3. While in yellowstone, we made a stop so that Trey could use the restroom. When he got back in the car, Cade said “Good job daddy, where’s your cookie.”
  4. “You can’t have my kisses, they’re special to me”
  5. “That’s fantastic”
  6. “You’re a bad driver, Daddy.”
  7. “You’re most welcome.”

There are so many more that I didn’t write down. Other great entertainment is listening to Cade’s nightly prayers. Currently, he names pretty much anything in his room. “Thank you that picture right there, and that picture, and that picture, and my airplane….” He also went through a good stretch of singing happy birthday to Jesus πŸ™‚

Starting in August, Cade started going to school five days a week. While I’ve missed my extra time with him, he is loving school. And he is learning so much every day. Now if he would just learn to poop in the potty πŸ™‚


Cade’s “Oh my gosh that was exhausting” first day of school pic

Here are some recent pictures of our sweet guy!


After bedtime ice cream run


Flash foward to his teenage years


Because one instrument is not enough

img_0920 img_0952

Epic water balloon fun at Gigi and G-pa’s house


Beating mom and dad at his first board game πŸ™‚


Oh you know, just bulldozing his rice


His favorite outdoor toy. Naturally.




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