Summer 2015 Week 4


Day 20 – “Driving” at the gas station on the way to the beach. Not pictured – the meltdown when he had to get back in his car seat 🙁


Day 21 – Cade discovers birds. He was particuarly fond of seagulls who like to eat his crumbs.


Day 22 – Buddy gets his first oreo. Chocolate drool occurred for approximately one hour after he was done with the cookie.IMG_3585

Day 23 – Lining up with all of Cade’s favorite things (anything with buttons or anything that opens) he discovered a boom box. Hours of entertainment determining the true purpose of this machine.


Day 24 – Little man was a great sport while mom and I went to the outlet malls. He discovered all of the toys that attract young children. He doesn’t know that they move and make noise if you put money in them. We will see how long it stays that way.


Day 25 – Sharing a slushy with mommy on the beach.


Day 26 – Celebrating the best daddy a little boy could ask for!

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