Summer 2015 Week 2


Day 6 – Cade meets the ocean. Water = win, Sand = not so much


Day 7 – Cade discovers pickles. He loves them. I of course, can not stand them or the smell. Grandma had to give him a bath 🙂

IMG_3398 IMG_3401

Day 8 – Discovering his love of cabinets. Leeman and Suzy have A LOT of cabinets and Cade thought they were awesome

IMG_3418  IMG_3419

Day 9 – Go to work with mommy day and sit in a big boy chair! Hours of entertainment trying to put large pens in his cheerios.

IMG_3446  IMG_3454

Day 10 – Happy National Doughnut Day (who comes up with these?) And yes, I gave him a chocolate one. Don’t judge.


Day 11 – Front porch swinging with daddy

IMG_3466 IMG_3468

Day 12 – Deck fun including sitting on steps (a new favorite skill) and playing with the water table.




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