Summer 2015 Week 1

Summer is here and the Boden house is pumped! Cade is home all summer with Trey and I. I am teaching one course at GSU and Trey will continue to work, but has some really great vacation time. Cade will be spending most of his days with me with some days with his amazing Aunts and grandparents.

I have a goal this summer to document our days. The idea is to take a snapshot each day to document what I think Cade’s highlight of the day is. After the first week, I have learned that what I hypothesize is not always accurate (See day 1 and 3). We will see how this little project goes!

Week 1 was short as Wednesday was his first official day off –


Day 1 – Who knew that heavy yard machinery was so much fun. Watching Coach aerate the yard was by far his favorite thing on his first day of summer. By his standards, way better than the pool. Funny boy.

IMG_3319  IMG_3320

Day 2 – First time having cereal with milk. This quickly went from me feeding him happily to him holding the spoon and eating with his hands. He’s not ready for cereal with milk.

IMG_3335 IMG_3332

Day 3 – He learned to climb into the bathtub. With a tape measurer. I’m not sure why we buy him toys.


Day 4 – Roadtrip! This moment was a highlight…taking selfies with mommy and Aunt AJ. It quickly turned into a “why in the world am I still in this carseat” But he was a champ. To Leeman and Suzy’s we go!


Day 5 – His very own remote from Leeman and Suzy. He carried it around ALL day and couldn’t be happier about it.  Currently it’s hanging out with Suzy’s pots and pans while he sleeps.

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