Mother’s Day

The sweet face that I get to call son

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One of the many awesome things that Trey did for me for Mother’s Day was set up this blog for our little man. It was a great surprise and I look forward to recording moments with Cade here for years to come. If you know Trey, then you know that he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to claim Cade also has his own e-mail address and since he is already a fluent reader at eight weeks feel free to e-mail him at

All week long I have had to remind myself that I am now included in this wonderful group of people who get to call themselves mom. Today has been a day of reflection of how lucky I am to be a part of that and how I couldn’t imagine my life without my little guy. Even though I’ve only been a mom for eight weeks, it has truly been the biggest blessing that I have ever experienced.

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One thought on “Mother’s Day
Cathy Smith

Cade, you are a VERY lucky baby because your Mommy and Daddy are gonna make you AWESOME!!

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