Month 11

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I’ve officially decided that I need time to slow down! This year is flying by and it is so crazy (and kind of sad) to think that in less than four weeks my sweet baby is going to be a toddler! It’s such a weird phenomenon of mixed emotions. I have truly LOVED every stage that Cade has gone through, but at the same time I miss things that he doesn’t do anymore. Like snuggling. They boy doesn’t sit still long enough to snuggle. Sometimes I find myself wishing he were immobile again just so I can snuggle him! He truly is growing up too fast!

In addition to wanting time to slow down, I also find myself wishing for warmer weather. Cade and I feel  trapped  in the house. With the constant congestion that he has had and the fact that the heat doesn’t work in my car, we have spent more time than I would like at home. We are both ready for Spring and the ability to play outside again!

This month Cade has started asserting his opinion about lots of things. Having his diaper changed, what food he eats, whether or not he wants me to cook dinner, etc. 🙂 Changing his diaper is similar to wrestling a crying alligator. Seriously. He hates it. I think I’ve determined that he doesn’t like the fact the he has to sit still. He has recently starting wanting to eat whatever is on my plate. This month we started eating more “real” food and are really starting to limit baby food all together. My goal is to get him eating whatever Trey and I have for dinner and we are slowly making progress there.

At 11 months Cade has four teeth – three on the bottom and one on the top and several more on the way. It seems like the poor guy is constantly looking for something to chew on! He had an appointment a few days after her turned 11 months and he now weighs 19lb 7oz, which is great! He’s put on a good bit of weight since our 9 month appointment when he was down a bit. His favorite foods right now are bananas (which he has learned to eat whole), sweet potatoes, peanut butter, and any kind of meat. He’s still not a fan of green vegetables, but I’ve decided it’s a texture problem – we’ll keep working on it! He has taken up a new habit of spitting things on the floor that he doesn’t like. We are certainly going to have to work on that one! 🙂

The funniest thing that Cade does now is he giggles at me when I wipe things off. With three dogs in the house, I am constantly wiping dog hair off of the furniture. He thinks it is so funny and just starts giggling when I do it. I have no idea why he thinks it’s so great. Too funny!

I was really terrible about taking pictures this month. I’m going to try to improve between now and his birthday!

At 11 months, Cade’s favorite things are…


Taking a bath. As long as we don’t let him get overtired and miss our window of opportunity, bath time is a hit. He crawls around, blows bubbles, tries to drink water. It’s hilarious. He is having trouble learning to not stand up in the tub and we constantly say “on your bottom.”


Looking in the mirror. I could watch him do this all day! It’s so funny. He laughs and smiles and bangs the his hands on the mirror. One of those moments where I would love to know what he’s thinking.


While Daddy certainly still has his moments (and activities that Cade prefers) I’d like to think that I’ve moved up in the ranks. He has certainly been a momma’s boy lately and wants me and only me when I’m around. This is both cute and a bit consuming 🙂 I’ll take it though, because soon enough, he won’t want me to hold him. I just need to work on him letting me rock him as opposed to carrying him around all the time!


Opening and closing drawers and cabinets. This has resulted in smashing lots of fingers, but it hasn’t stopped him yet!


His lamb and tiger. Cade has these soft lovies that he has become pretty attached to. We refer to them as “lamb” and “tiger” (very creative, I know) and he loves to hold them when he’s sleeping. Recently, he’s been trying to take them out of his room as well. We may need to buy some replacements and store them in the closet for a later date!

Still favorites are playing with anything (he is seriously so into toys), listening to Trey play the guitar, and going to the store (or anywhere) to people watch. The boy is so extroverted!

At 11 months, Cade learned how to…

IMG_2748  IMG_2749

Yep, he discovered toilet paper. Any opportunity that he gets, he seizes.


I’m calling this advanced container play. Cade has figured out how to park his walker inside his box fort. Pretty funny, and pretty innovative.

11 months didn’t bring any huge developmental milestones; however, we continue to see improvement in his motor skills. Everyone keeps asking me if he’s walking yet, but he is more that happy to crawl all over the place at rapid speed.

Cade had a couple of fun first moments for the month

DSC_0766    DSC_0772

Spaghetti. He LOVED it! This meal choice is certainly not for the parent who doesn’t like messes. We went straight to the bath!

We also tried peanut butter this month and it was a huge hit! He LOVES peanut butter and jelly sandwiches now and even likes peanut butter and banana.


His first basketball game. Cade went with Aunt AJ and I to watch John and Marcus (two of my old students) play basketball. Cade loved the game and watched the people the whole time. He wasn’t sure what he thought about the boys, but I’m sure he will learn to love them.

IMG_4152  IMG_4154

First chick-fil-a icedream. The look on his face is incredible. We actually had to leave, because he was making so many screeching noises asking for more 🙂

DSC_0776 DSC_0784


To combat being stuck inside, we did Cade’s first art project (which lasted all of three minutes) for Valentine’s Day. Cade wasn’t as into it as I was, but he did like having his feet painted for the footprints. I think it tickled as he was giggling the whole time.


Giving daddy his art on Valentine’s Day

As Cade’s birthday is right around the corner, Trey and I dressed him up and had a photo shoot to make an invitation. We are having a “little man” party – the pictures are pretty hysterical 🙂 The best one is on his invitation, which I’ll post later. It’s amazing.



Now for some pictures from the month…






IMG_4158 (1)


I have laughed so much at this photo! I can’t wait to show this to his first girlfriend 🙂

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