Little guy is 9 months old!

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Since Cade turns 10 months tomorrow, I still consider the timing of this post to be a success! Time seems to be completely flying by! This month our family was incredibly busy wrapping up the school semester – oh the life of educators. I’ve been working hard to get a draft of my dissertation together with the goal of becoming Dr. Boden in the coming months. So far it looks like this might actually happen! I will need to include a lengthy thank you to both Trey and Cade for their continued patience as I lock myself in rooms and write.

This month, Cade learned lots of skills all pertaining to mobility. He is so fast and so strong! We are in the stage now where all tasks must be done as quickly as possible. We broke down and purchased baby gated to keep him off our our stairs as he was seeming more and more interested in working on his swan dive moves. One of his favorite things to do is look through the bars on the gate. Total jail baby. It seems like every day, Trey and I are amazed at how much more he can do. They develop so quickly!

In addition to being into everything, he is also into eating everything. Puffs are still his favorite food. When the container comes out, he starts doing a little dance of sorts and waves his hands frantically until you give him some. When we first started him on solid food I worked really hard and getting him to keep his hands out of his mouth when he was eating. This semi-backfired as I then had to go back and teach him how to feed himself and when it’s okay to put his hands in his mouth. He’s got it now though and will stuff as many puffs in his mouth as you will put on his tray.

Cade is still sleeping like a champ at night and typically goes down around 7 and sleeps until 7 in the morning. He has reverted back to his old ways when napping at daycare. I’ve told him that this stresses mommy out, but he continues to insist that there are way too many fun things to do and look at to sleep while he is there. At home, he is still taking three pretty decent naps. Probably recovering from his daycare days! At his 9 month checkup, Cade weighed 17 lbs 1 oz and was 27.25 inches long. His weight gain was slow this month, so we have to go back for a weight check in a few weeks. I’m convinced it’s because he never sits still.

At 9 months, Cade learned how to …

FullSizeRender  IMG_3919



Pull up. He first learned this on his crib which was then promptly lowered to the lowest possible level

Say “Mama.” Now, there is a constant argument in our house regarding whether or not he is actually saying “mama” and intending the word for me. Either way, I’m claiming it as his first word. Trey keeps telling Cade that “dada” is all he wants for Christmas. Pretty funny.

Give a high-five. I was impressed will how quickly he picked this one up! We call it his “trick.”


Feed himself

At 9 months, Cade’s favorite things are


Being upside-down

DSC_0438  DSC_0445

Sitting on his daddy


Playing with his toys


Music. The boy loves when Trey gets the guitar out.


Touching different textures


Lounging in his highchair. Too funny.

Cade’s first activities for the month included


His first pair of shoes – Mom’s $10 ebay find!


His first Thanksgiving

DSC_0452  DSC_0457

His first Christmas tree. Which he was not a fan of initially.

Now for some of my favorite picures from the month…











DSC_0515    DSC_0409

DSC_0399 DSC_0397



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