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Last weekend we headed to Nashville, TN for JDRF’s ride for a cure. Trey and I began our journey with the ride for a cure the year after I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. If you know me and my family well, you know that Type 1 is our struggle. My father and his brother both passed away from complications related to the disease. My brother lives with Type 1 and has since he was a little boy. Most recently, my step-brother’s little girl was diagnosed at the age of three. It’s a disease that there is no cure. And no, you don’t get it from eating too much sugar, despite popular belief (that might be a huge pet peeve of mine). My journey with Type 1 has been one of many ups and downs and I am hopeful that one day a cure will be found. I truly believe that it will happen through organizations like JDRF. It’s hard to imagine a day in which I won’t have to check my blood sugar, take insulin, and monitor every piece of food I put in my mouth – but it’s coming.

With little man’s arrival in the spring, we decided that Aunt AJ would ride with Trey this year. I knew that between being a mom and trying to finish school and work, it would be nearly impossible to train for 100 miles on a bike. Cade and I became cheerleaders for the event and I think we did a pretty amazing job. The real super stars; however, are Aunt AJ and Trey. They rode 100 miles in the freezing cold on a very difficult course. We couldn’t have been prouder!

photo 4 (3)  photo 1 (4)

Pre-ride sign making with Aunt Amy and mommy. Cade personalized his signs with his signature and a little drool.

  DSC_0077     DSC_0082


Getting our photo op in before the race started.


Rest stop 1 – 12 miles in. Aunt AJ displays her favorite picture face.


Mile 23 – The silent mile in honor and memory of all those who have Type 1

DSC_0124   DSC_0129

Pulling out of rest stop 2 – 28 miles in. They were looking and feeling pretty good despite the weatherDSC_0132   DSC_0144

After rest stop 2, we followed them for a bit and snagged these awesome shots. The course was absolutely beautiful.

       photo 5 (2) photo 1 (3)

       DSC_0162        DSC_0158

Aunt Amy, John, Cade, and I volunteered at rest stop 4, which was the halfway (50 miles)/turn around point. Cade did great for the most part, but we did have to spend some time in the car warming up. Everyone who came through said that he was the best little cheerleader there. How could you not smile and that cute guy bundled up in his bear suit and tiger hat? He was very excited to see Aunt AJ and Trey when they got there for a little encouragement!

DSC_0182    DSC_0185

They decided to plow through rest stop 5 and head straight to 6. Amy, Cade, and I had volunteered to take some food all the way to the last rest stop and were going to come back and meet them at 6. When we passed them on the road, Amy and I both looked at Trey and thought “oh dear.” He looked pretty rough. We ended up pulling into rest stop 6 as they were pulling out…and that was a good  thing. Trey said if I had been there he would have gotten in the car. This ride was the hardest thing he has ever done. He got back on the bike and we saw them again at rest stop 7. At mile 88 this is the last stop before the finish line. At this point, they were so ready to be done, but still had smiles on their faces.

    photo 2 (2)    photo 3 (2) \

photo 4 (2)

Waiting at the finish line. Cade actually did really well with holding his sign. Precious.

   photo 1 (2)    photo 2 (1)

photo 5 (1)

And done! 100 miles conquered. It was an emotional finish for all involved. When I asked Trey how he finished and why he didn’t quit, he said “I just kept thinking about you. You can’t quit. You have to live with type 1.” Those words meant so much to me. I am so thankful for Trey and AJ and all the people who are fighting to make type 1 type none.

2 thoughts on “JDRF Ride for a Cure

Hi Lauren, I just stumbled upon your blog as I am leaving in less than 48 hours for my very first JDRF Ride in Burlington, VT. I heard families make signs and was looking to show mine an example. I love this post and hope you and your family are doing well! xo Alecia

    Lauren Boden

    This made me smile! Good luck to you on the ride! Trey and I did Burlington in 2011 and it is a gorgeous ride! We will be in Tahoe this year, but maybe one year our paths will cross!

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