Cade man is 2 months old!

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Cade turned two months old last Thursday! I can’t believe how quickly time is going by. I already feel like I need to be able to stop time. Month two of little man’s life brought many more “first” moments as well as meeting some more of his fantastic family. His little personality is starting to develop which is such a blast to watch. He started smiling at around six weeks, but he waited until Mother’s Day to decide he was going to consistently do it. I’m sure he was planning that present for me all along. At his two month checkup, he weighed 10 lbs 14 oz and was 22 inches long. He’s still small for his age, but he is certainly catching up!

At two months Cade learned how to…


Roll from his tummy to his back. Mom, Vance, Trey, and myself were all watching him play and he just rolled right over.

photo (64)


photo (56)

Sleep without his arms swaddled


and he finally found his fist, which he loves to suck on

At two months Cade’s favorite things are…


Taking a bath

photo (63)

Playing on his activity mat from Oma

photo (53)


photo (58)

Riding in his baby bjourn

photo (61)

Being held and talked to

Now for Cade’s two month “first” activities


Cade’s first outdoor nap – What originated as outdoor tummy time with mom quickly turned into snoozing.

photo (57)

Cade’s first trip to the office. I had to go in to work to take care of some things with the little guy in tow. He got loved on by lots of great people and napped on the office floor. Thank you Aunt Robin for leaving your mood lighting behind in the office!

DSC_0521       photo (59)

Cade’s first graduation. If he follows in the footsteps of his parents, he will have many of his own to attend one day. Cade was a tropper and though he found it to be boring, he sat/slept through Aunt AJ’s graduation as she got her Master’s degree. Cade says way to go aunt AJ!

photo (62)



  DSC_0570          DSC_0567

Cade’s first roadtrip (check out his serious roadtrip face)/trip to Mom and Vance’s (Grandparent names TBD – feel free to offer up suggestions) which included hanging out on Vance’s tractor. Cade had a blast and can’t wait to go back for another visit. He did great in the car and we made it all the way there without stopping.

photo (52)         photo (60)

Cade’s first trip to the nail salon. Mom and I decided we needed pedicures so we strapped the little man in and went for it. He takes after his dad and is a very patient man.

Cade got to meet several more family members during his second month including great grandparents on my side of the family.

DSC_0413   DSC_0419

Introducing the dynamic trio – Cade man, Suzy, and Lee man. My grandparents flew up from Florida for the weekend to meet Cade and spend time with the family. Cade loved them and had the best time visiting. We are already working on planning little man’s first trip to Florida to see them again. During their visit they determined that their great grandparent names would be Suzy and Lee man which we think are perfect great grandparent names.


While we were in Camden visiting mom and Vance, Cade got to meet another great grandparent, Nana.  I think Nana would have been happy to sit and watch Cade all day long. Cade loved sitting and being rocked by his Nana.

photo (49)   photo (50)

 photo (51)

Also while in Camden, my Aunt Shelia, Uncle Mike, and cousin Ryan came over to meet Cade. It was really fun watching all of them hang out and love on Cade. Ryan was actually really good with Cade, despite Cade’s look in the picture…he was sleepy. We missed my other cousin, Becca, but hope we get to see her the next time we are in South Carolina.


Meeting Uncle Rob – To say that I was thrilled for Cade to meet Uncle Rob would be an understatement. My little brother made the trip from Bishopville to come hang out with the little guy. It was pretty awesome watching Rob hold him and tell him all kinds of stuff including his take on how “real men don’t cry.” Rob brought him several John Deere sippy cups that we will certainly be using once he is old enough.

And now for some of my favorite pictures from Cade’s second month


photo (35)

photo (33)

photo (34)




      photo (53)


photo (54)

photo (55)

photo (52)

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