Cade is 21 months!


Capturing little mans love of life in this pic. And yes, he has a Star Wars shirt on.

And yes, that’s a pine cone grabber in his hand, also known as one of his favorite outdoor toys.

I’ve officially reached the point where I simply answer the “How old is he” question with “He’ll be two in March.” Keeping up with a kid’s age in months is funny. But I get it. They change SO much from month to month! Lately I haven’t been as good about writing about life with Cade, so here I am with a 21 month post to remember some of the funny stuff that the little man is doing.

  1. His crazy growing vocabulary. It’s to the point where I can’t list all of the things that he can say anymore. There are of course some noteworthy phrases: His favorite thing to do is put “Ohhhh” in front of things. And his favorite “command” is to tell people to sit. You can imagine what “Ohhhh sit” sounds like coming from a toddler. Yeah, we laugh about it…and then he does it more.
  2. He is coming more and more into his personality and it is becoming very clear that he is an extrovert like his daddy. He LOVES to gather his people and take role when he thinks someone may be missing. A typical venture into the car when say AJ and Amy are around would go like this. “Mom? Dad? AJ? Amy?” Of course each person must answer after their name is called. Typically after naming the people he will also venture into the names of all the four-legged canines. And of course, putting Ohhhhh before each name.
  3. We broke down and introduced bubbles during bath time and he is completely obsessed. We are talking we talk about the upcoming bubble bath all day. When discussing said bubbles, he makes a noise similar to the pilsbury dough boy noise out of pure excitement.
  4. We went through a week long phase of insisting on only wearing truck pajamas to bed. And while I pride myself on being a behaviorist at heart, some things are simply not worth the battle. It’s a good thing that 75% of his pajamas already had trucks on them. He is also very reluctant to take said pajamas off in the morning. This typically ends by convincing him that his very cool robot shirt needs to be worn.
  5. Oh the terrible twos are in full swing some days. In realizing that Cade was in charge a bit more than he should be, I decided to “get tough.” His response? He took of his socks, ran to the bathroom, and put them in the toilet. Then he just looked at me as if to say “how do you like that?” God makes toddlers cute for a reason 🙂
  6. The Christmas tree lights must be on at all times. No excuses.
  7. He currently calls me Ma. Not mom, not mama, just ma. Maybe he’s connecting with my farm roots.
  8. He is completely obsessed with all things transportation. Trucks, trains, airplanes. If it moves, he is in love. This includes watching the trash men on Tuesday mornings.
  9. He thinks “peasssss” is an excellent way to get anything that he wants.
  10. In an attempt to avoid going to bed, he often requests to “guggle” (snuggle). How can I say no to that? So I embrace sweet snuggles that typically end with him naming all of the body parts on my face as he simultaneously sticks his fingers in my eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.
  11. His love for outside is fierce. New outdoor activities include looking for birds and chasing squirrels. When he hears one of said animals, he will point to his ear, make the most ridiculously adorable face, and follow up with “ohhhhh bird”
  12. Eating is a favorite activity and he can put down some food. He often walks around saying “Eat eat.”  Last week he ate somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 pancakes and was still asking for more.
  13. I hope that his love for reading stays forever. The boy would sit and read all day. “Read ma read ma. Read again ma.” All day long. His top books right now are – Little Blue Truck, Buzz buzz baby, chugga chugga choo choo, and Goodnight Gorilla.
  14. On another note of things that I hope stay forever – his love for hygiene activities. While he is EXTREMELY messy, Cade LOVES to take baths, brush his teeth, comb his hair, and put on lotion. I may or may not keep a toothbrush handy for times in which I need him to be occupied 🙂
  15. We love him so much that I think our hearts could just explode. He’s funny, super silly, snuggly, sweet and a tad bit naughty at times. He’s perfect.

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