Cade Goes to the Lake

We took our first trip to Uncle Rob’s lake house last weekend to celebrate Aunt AJ and Uncle Rob’s birthdays. Some great friends made the trip with us and it was an amazingly relaxing weekend. Uncle Rob spent the whole weekend with us and even held Cade…until he started crying at least. He once again gave Cade his take on how real men don’t cry and surprisingly it worked. Cade just looked at him and stopped crying. It was pretty funny.

photo 2  photo 1

Grandma helped out with Cade so that Trey and I got to spend lots of time out on the boat. I’m not sure what Trey’s face is, but it was certainly relaxed!

Little man even had his first night away from us and spent the night with his grandparents. Grandma was thrilled about that little adventure!

photo 1

Hanging out with Vance at his sleepover

photo 2    photo 3

Nana came over to visit during the day and spend time with Cade. I’m pretty sure that they had a blast.


Roadtrip selfie with dad in Chick-fil-a


   DSC_0393   photo 4

Cade got to spend some time with my aunt and uncle and he got to meet my cousin Becca for the first time. I’ve never seen him snuggle with someone like he did Becca. She clearly has the touch!

DSC_0371   DSC_0382


Hanging out on the front porch


My favorite picture from the weekend

DSC_0422    DSC_0431

DSC_0438     DSC_0448

Fun on the dock! We can’t wait to go back and have more fun!





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