Cade at 10 Months

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Cade is becoming quite the “little man” these days. It is so fun to watch how much he learns from week to week and how his little personality is coming out more and more. Month ten brought our first holiday season with Cade, which was very special. We were able to spend two whole weeks together as a family and soaked up just being together. Cade is getting so much stronger everyday and is getting really good at standing up. For Christmas, Aunt Lyndsey got him a walker, which he has learned how to push around the room while taking steps behind it. Cade still loves to eat just about anything we will give him.  Puffs still rank at the top of his list of favorites. I have given up the dream that he will ever take a good nap at daycare and have resolved to just be okay with it. Poor little guy truly has a fear of missing out. As of late, he has decided that he is not interested in taking a bottle at daycare. We’re working on this one and I’m hoping that he will change his ways soon.

At 10 months, Cade learned how to

IMG_2627  IMG_2695  DSC_0671

Actually feed himself. He was really resistant to feeding himself for a while and now all of a sudden he’s over me helping him. He has not figured out that the point of the spoon is to get the food into his mouth. This means that I may never again have a clean kitchen floor. Oh well! In the last picture if you look closely, you can see his sweet potato mohawk that he gave himself. Amazing.


Take steps – He has gotten so much more steady on his feet and is very into sidestepping his way across a room if he has something to hold on to.

DSC_0669  DSC_0728

Squat – Which makes getting toys so much easier 🙂

Give kisses. This is apparently a trick that he only saves for mommy as he hasn’t even shown Trey. I’ll take it 🙂

Play chase – Trey taught Cade this and it is so funny to watch. Trey will hide behind a piece of furniture and Cade will go find him. As soon as Trey pops out, Cade crawls the other way giggling. It’s hysterical!

At 10 months, Cade’s favorite things are


Riding on Daddy’s sholders


“Playing” the guitar with daddy. He LOVES music.


Opening cabinets and playing with anything he can find. He has recently taken to getting out all of my pots and pans which means I end up washing a lot more dishes.


His starfish bath toy. We have no idea why he loves it so much, but he thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread!


Walking around with his walker

Cade had some pretty fun “firsts” this month…


Cade’s first fort. Compliments of daddy.

IMG_2643  IMG_2640

Cade’s first taste of icecream. Aunt AJ has been begging to give him icecream, so we gave it. He was a fan!

DSC_0536 DSC_0531

DSC_0528 DSC_0524

DSC_0545 DSC_0546

Cade’s first cookie. Every year, we decorate Christmas cookies with Oma. This year, Oma and Rob brought the party to our house and we gave Cade his first cookie. Clearly, he loved it. Notice the progression in which there is no more cookie. He looks longingly and then cries when he realizes there isn’t anymore.

IMG_4024 IMG_4022

Cade’s first trip to Chick-fil-a. While in St. Simons, we saw that the Chick-fil-a was having breakfast with the cow. We took Cade and gave him his first chicken minis (which he loved) and he even liked the cow.


Cade’s first trip to Waffle House. New Year’s Day we went to Waffle House as a family. Cade ate 3/4 of a waffle house waffle and I think he may have eaten more if we had given it to him. He loved the waffle and he loved flirting with all of the waitresses.

And now for some of my favorite pictures from the month …













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