Big boy is 18 months!

Sweet Cade. Your daddy and I can’t believe that you are already 18 months old! Time is flying by and you are growing into a sweet and curious little toddler. One of your favorite things to do now is identify “babies” that you see – including your own baby pictures. It’s very cute and sweet. While you are so incredibly sweet, you also have a toddler side and so badly want to express yourself. In fact, just today we were that family making quite the scene in Target all because you were displeased with mommy’s cart choice. 🙂 It’s hard being little and having such big emotions! Precious boy.

At 18 months, you are into EVERYTHING! You play hard all day long. We have officially dropped to just one nap a day. You still don’t love to nap and typically sleep only an hour or so. You still sleep 12-13 hours a night and are great about “sleeping late.”  You are talking up a storm; however, a lot of your words can only be interpreted by mommy and daddy. You are becoming a funny little guy and love to be silly and laugh, especially with your daddy. Speaking of, Dad is still your favorite person. Every morning when I go in your room, the first thing you ask is “Dad?” To which I typically repsond, dad’s at work. You repeat “work” and settle in with the idea that dad will be home later and you can play with him then.

About a month ago, you snuggled up to me one night when we were getting ready for bed. This was so SWEET, because you are not normally a snuggler. You let me rock you for a few minutes which was so special. Ever since, you have been getting bedtime “snuggles” for a few minutes before you fall asleep and I’m pretty sure it’s mommy and daddy’s favorite time of day.

Your favorite things right now are playing outside, dancing, sitting in chairs (big people ones), and reading books. You are learning so much everyday! Recently, you have learned how to growl like a lion (which is precious) and your Didi taught you to say touchdown by putting your arms in the air when we watch football.

DSC_0709   DSC_0738

Playing in the rain and loving it!

DSC_0774   DSC_0799


First hike as a family. We waited way too long to do this as Cade had a blast! There will be many more in our future this fall.

IMG_5058  IMG_5055

Hanging with G-pa and Gigi

IMG_4238  IMG_4239

Cooking with mommy – lots of fun, but went downhill when Cade figured out that cookie dough tastes REALLY yummy. Can’t eat it yet sweet boy.


Daddy was “watching” him 🙂


Front porch sitting




Creative play – how many things can I fit in this printer hole?


Chasing butterflies


Reading with Didi


Park adventures!


Now I know the marketing strategy behind this 🙂 Yes, he has four in his hands. Amazingly, we left the store with no candy and no tears. Mommy win.


Sweet snuggles


Silly boy

IMG_4194   IMG_4214


Zoo fun – including a first ride on the train and a carosel!

Some video clips from our recent adventures

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