Beach Vacation 2015

Last month (yep, I’m way behind) we took Cade’s second trip to Ocean Isle with my family. We had a blast and by the end of the week, Cade decided he was a fan of the beach. I think he may have a bit of Trey in him and may have a strong dislike for sand. Nothing that we couldn’t overcome with the help of some seagulls and sand toys. Here are some shots from our trip!


The seagulls were by far his favorite thing on the beach. Of course Grandma aided this by helping the little man feed them.  Check out the first experience –


Cade’s first oreo!


Cade’s favorite thing to play with while hanging out under the house – He had a ball opening and closing the cassette player.IMG_4692


IMG_4693 2

Cade had a blast hanging out with grandma at the edge of the water

IMG_4724 2

You know, just sitting in a little man chair watching the waves.


This kid is too funny – He just laid down in the sand and rolled around.IMG_4725

IMG_4738 2


Hanging with daddy.



Cade became very proficient at walking while we were at the beach and by the end of the week he was cruising everywhere!

DSC_0653 DSC_0637

Digging! The beach certainly looks different as a parent – I have never been more covered in sand! But I wouldn’t change it for the world! Watching Cade discover new things made the trip!


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