Cade’s First Beach Trip

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Every year mom and Vance plan a family trip to the beach. It is seriously mom’s favorite place on Earth. From the minute I told her I was pregnant, she started talking about how much fun it would be the next time we went to the beach with a baby. I of course was slightly nervous about taking a 2 month old to the beach, but as always, little man did great. He slept on the beach like a champion. Trey and I joked that he must think the ocean is the World’s best sound machine.

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Check out that very serious road trip face. Right before he fell asleep for most of the ride!

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When we first got to the house, Cade smiled at mom for like five minutes straight. It was precious.

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First family walk down to the beach

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Out to dinner our first night at mom’s favorite restaurant. Are those overalls ridiculously cute or what?






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First day on the beach. He wasn’t so sure about having his feet in the water or wearing his hat, but other than that he loved it!

photo 3

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World’s cutest and sweetest beach bum

photo 2 photo 3 DSC_0735 \

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Little man was happy as can be hanging with daddy under the shade tent

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Again…not loving his toes in the water. Hopefully that will change by next year!

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Hammock time with mommy

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Because little boys in searsucker shorts are awesome

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Cade’s morning routine included rocking with grandma underneath the house

      DSC_0746  DSC_0742


Yes, we used his as a centerpiece during breakfast and he loved it!

We had a great trip and can’t wait to go back next year! I’m sure it will be a whole other experience with Cade running all over the place, eating sand, and loving life!

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