A Year Ago Today

A year ago today we found out that we were pregnant. I had just gotten home from a week long New England roadtrip with AJ and Amy to celebrate AJ’s 30th birthday.



Beautiful, right? We spent a week driving a lot, checking out beautiful places, and sleeping outside. A few days into the trip I thought that I might be pregnant for a host of reasons. One of these reasons was that everything smelled. Like a lot. Of course in my head, I wanted to attribute that to the lack of showers, very smelly shoes in the car, and the fact that we slept outside and smelled like campfire most of the trip. The thing that put me over the edge was when Amy bought a cherry car airfreshener to cover up the shoe funk and I literally couldn’t handle it. They both thought I was ridiculous, which I’m sure it seemed that way, but I seriously couldn’t handle it. Being on the roadtrip ruined two things for me for my whole pregnancy – coffee (we had some really bad instant stuff) and the smell of campfire, which much to Trey’s dismay included the smell of him grilling on his green egg. The green egg was pretty much banned from use (which is sad, because it was Trey’s fatherhood present) and I made Trey brew his coffee on the screen porch. Anyway, while I suspected I was pregnant a few days into the trip, I didn’t say anything to anyone about it. Mainly, because I didn’t want to take a test 1300 miles away from Trey. By the last day of the trip I was pretty confident that I was pregnant. We drove all the way from Vermont to Atlanta in one day and got home late at night. As Trey and I were standing in the kitchen, I mentioned to him that I thought I might be pregnant but didn’t make a big deal out of it as I knew if I took a test I wouldn’t be able to sleep and I was exhausted. Trey had started back to school the next morning so he wasn’t home when I woke up. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I took a test…and it was positive. So I took another test….and it was positive too.  Since Trey didn’t get home for another eight hours, I was forced to find things to keep myself occupied for the rest of the day. As soon as Trey got home, I hugged him and handed him the tests. He must not have taken me too seriously the night before, because he seemed shocked. Then he started to cry. It’s by far one of my sweetest memories with him. He waited so long to be a dad and was so overcome with joy in that moment. It was truly fantastic.

One of the reasons that we waited so long to have kids was a result of my Type 1 (the other being that I can’t seem to quit going to school). As a result, I had a lot of anxiety in the early weeks about pregnancy and how my body would handle being diabetic and pregnant. Despite that anxiety, the Lord truly blessed us and protected myself and Cade. Throughout most of my pregnancy, my A1C levels were in the “normal” range, which hasn’t happened since I was diagnosed. While I was considered “high-risk” and had a doctor’s appointment what seemed like every week, pregnancy and diabetes was easy for me and I couldn’t be more thankful.

The first several weeks after finding out we were pregnant were spent thinking about how we would tell our families. These are some of my favorite memories from being pregnant. Trey has a great friend, Sean McConnell, who wrote a short little song for us to use in our announcement. We captured several reactions on film…

My sister, AJ

Trey’s sisters

Trey’s parents – Trey turned the camera off before the best part of his parent’s reaction. Apparently Larry didn’t hear all the words to the song. Given that Lori was sobbing hysterically, he finally figured it out and said “Shit! Are y’all pregnant?” If you know Larry, you know that was a perfect reaction. We all died laughing.

My mom – I really wanted to tell my mom in person, but with school starting back I wasn’t sure when I would get to see her again and I knew we needed to tell her soon. Her birthday is August 14th, so I decided to send her a birthday card about becoming a grandmother. The card said that the best parents get promoted to grandparents. On the inside I wrote “your promotion coming April 11, 2014.” I had mom call Trey and I on facetime before she opened the card. Her reaction was pretty priceless…


As for the rest of the world, we took this sweet picture in Clemson with a onesie that we bought Cade. A year ago today, I don’t think I could have ever imagined how fantastic it would be to be a parent. It’s been the best year yet and just keeps getting better!

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They were fresh linen air fresheners… 🙂

So fun to think that a year ago you barely knew Cade existed and now he is already 4 1/2 months and so fun to have around!


And…that giant smiley face was not quite what was intended there…


sobbing. what a sweet sweet way to tell your family! their reactions were priceless!

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