A Big Day for Cade!

We have reached a milestone! This week Cade has been like a different baby. He is all of a sudden holding his head up like a champ, kicking his feet, batting things with his hands, and putting everything in his mouth. He’s been trying to roll over for quite some time now. He has long mastered the art of ¬†rolling from his belly to his back, but couldn’t seem to figure out how to maneuver his shoulders when rolling from his back to his belly.


Yesterday Trey called me at work to tell me that Cade had figured it out. Unfortunately he was in his crib so we didn’t get to see it. This morning, Trey and I were both home playing with the little man and he did it again and we got it on video. Yes, we both have ridiculously overexcited parent voices in the clip.

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