16 Months!

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I fully intended to do a 15 month post and completely missed the window, so a 16 month post it is! The amount of new things that Cade learns everyday is so fun to watch! He talks all the time and says all kinds of words; however some are way more intelligible than others. At 16 months, Cade says the following names: mom, dad, AJ, Gigi, Oma. He however will not say these people’s names on command. His favorite word by far is dog, closely followed by car. He started saying go,go,go,go,go which is super precious. Other things he is saying now include hey, bye, book, ball, block, keys (I think this one is very funny), dance, more, done, no, hat, vroom vroom, milk, and off. Keys and off are pretty comical. Mainly because we don’t let him play with the keys, yet he wants them all the time. He learned to say off and is totally obsessed with turning things off. Buttons and switches are at the top of his list of fun things to play with!

Since learning to walk, he is SO busy! He literally never sits still unless we are reading a book. Reading is one of his favorite activities now. He will pull all of his books off of the shelf, bring them to us, and climb up in our laps. He has his favorite books which all consist of either ones that have flaps that you lift up or ones that have fun things to touch.

Other favorite activities include doing anything outside (he has no idea that it is entirely too hot in Georgia in July), riding his tractor, and playing ball. He’s been loving the pool and thinks getting in and out repeatedly is the best part of it. He’s gotten really good at picking up his ball and throwing it. He also finds it very funny when we throw it at him and it bounces off of his belly. He’s too cute.

For all of the new awesome things that he is learning, we have also started some pretty impressive tantrums. As a result, the time out or “temper” chair has begun. Poor buddy. He just needs more words to express himself 🙂

He eats like he’s never been fed before. Right now the only food that he doesn’t like is watermelon. He’s still not a huge fan of meat, but will eat small amounts. Fruit is his favorite and always the first thing that he eats. We discovered recently that he likes lemons. He makes a hysterical face when he first bits in, but he always goes back for more.

This month he had his first sleep away at Gigi and King Daddy’s house and he had a blast! It was the first time that he has been away and Trey and I have been together. It was pretty strange being in the hosue without him and by the third day we couldn’t take it anymore and went to get him.

Cademan, we love being your parents! You are the best little guy around!

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